Meet Tiamat – an immersive experience named in honor of the great creatrix of the universe – the chaos serpent whose womb is pouring forth the primordial waters of creation.
Tiamat is an interactive installation that combines a motion tracking sensor with precision graphical processing to bring participants on a journey into the somatic flow of the body. Tiamat tracks your movements in real-time; illustrating your dance as an unfolding auric fluid.
You are the artist, this is your canvas, your body is the paintbrush – your dance is her breath…
Tiamat can operate as a standalone installation, be blended with live production visuals or used in theatre to produce a highly dynamic stage presence. Book a tea party with the primordial goddess here.
This was one of the best experiences I’ve had in a long time. The movement of your body is transformed into an amazing visionary of light, shapes & colours. Literally blew me away.” – Angela Sarcone
I can’t stop thinking about my Tiamat moment! I have no idea what came over me when I stepped inside, I’m normally really shy but the shaman in me demanded a dance… it was so much fun. It really was a healing moment for me, I smile every-time I think of it.” – Tascha Bastiaan
Such a great liberating experience to let myself go and imagine myself a bird soaring high above the chimney tops and mountain peaks.” – Zebedee Franklin