Raw Fractals

These fractal animations were forged in the mathemagical abyss of chaos; the fertile soil of complexity from which all structure is born. Like a labyrinth of mirrors, fractals are a way of seeing infinity; they are a glimpse into the eternally intricate fabric of reality.
The artistic method here is founded on the fractal flame algorithm, created by Scott Draves in 1992. Since then, the algorithm has been expanded upon by a number of developers. The process is a bit like creating a hall of mirrors, only the shape of the mirrors can take the form of any desired mathematical function. Over the years, I’ve written a number of flame related apps to help develop the particular aesthetic I seek. Due to the algorithm’s huge computational load, these animations are pre-rendered for live compositing in my performances.
If you’re interested in creating your own fractal flame images, a great place to start is Apophysis 7x or JWildfire. Both applications are open source projects that have been lovingly crafted by the fractal flame community.