Did you know that the ancient Greek root of the word ‘scholar’ translates “leisure, free time”? Learning is truly a wonderful thing. Let’s make it more awesome…

From black hole physics to the patterns in tea leaves, I seek to harmonise humanities relationship with the planet by bringing the latest discoveries in science into the context of the feeling body. Sharing the journey through a blend of both analytical and intuitive ways of knowing, I aspire to holistically guide participants into the mystery of the divine paradox.


Honouring the Mystery

In a universe dripping with paradox, I have no interest in giving false impressions of a ‘unified theory’, nor do I wish to grind reality down to a collection of inert concepts. Instead, I choose to cultivate an authentic relationship with wholeness by holding the tension between contradictory ideas; basking in the beauty of the enigma itself. This dynamic way of knowing empowers us to show up fully as authors of our own reality and become more courageous in visioning the evolution of our Worldview.


On the Menu

  • Form, Geometry and Patterns in Nature.
  • Order, Chaos and Complexity.
  • Classical and Quantum Physics.
  • Holism, Wholeness & Incompleteness.
  • Logic, Randomness & Meaning.
  • Paradox and the Nature of Number.
  • Holography, Information Theory & Nonlocality.
  • Synesthesia and the Senses.
  • Gaia, Pantheism and Science with Sentience.
  • General Teapot Philosophy.

A New Presentation Paradigm

Introducing “IRIS”, the computational brains of the fractal teapot. IRIS essentially transforms professional projection software into an educational presentation suite. With IRIS it has become possible to transcend both the linear paradigm of conventional presentation software and the very anatomy of a ‘slide’ itself.

Say goodbye to text-boxes, crusty graphics & freaky colour schemes and imagine a generative blend of cinematography & real-time visualisations in their place. Thanks to IRIS, the humble slide has evolved from an inert frame into a fully dynamic scene – a simulation sandbox. Add a motion sensor to the mix and you have a live presentation platform that’s controllable through gestures of the body. Chuck in all the added functionality of the projection software (such as multi-projector mapping) and you have something pretty neat indeed.

The aim: A flexible tool that can seamlessly render and composite just about any educational content without ever switching a window. The result: A fully immersive learning experience.

[Tech: IRIS is a data processing library that I’ve written for Touch Designer that can communicate with other live processes, such as Resolume Arena.]


What if this…


…became this?

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